Welcome to a new year!

Am I really doing this?  This is a big transition for me.  I am nervous about all the changes to my regular teaching routine.  Then, I think about the major transition all of my new kindergarten students are making and I say, “If my new 5 years-olds can do this, I can too.”  We are expecting so much out of our students from day one and I should expect nothing less of myself.

I really miss my prior position and if you want to peak at my last class over the years you can do that here. https://penguinmanufacturing.wordpress.com/  I was a manufacturing/engineering teacher at a high school in Marysville.  Part of me is very sad to not be working with students ready to enter the world with career ready skills.  It was very satisfying to see those students successful just a few years out of my class.  I liked watching those students grow over the 4 years they had in high school.  But part of me really missed teaching elementary school.  I love having the student’s all day, building a culture, growing together, learning together, and failing together.

I have to admit that kindergarten is a pretty major change, but I couldn’t be more excited.  This may have been the most purposeful teaching position I have ever taken.  When I first started teaching, I took any position available in the elementary and when those dried up during the recession, I fell into the high school class that I was neither qualified or trained for.  I learned quickly, and loved almost every minute, but I decided last spring that I wanted to join my wife in teaching kindergarten in the district she works in, the district our young children go to and the district we live in.  I decided it was kindergarten in Anacortes or stay in Marysville.

We spent a couple of weeks getting the class ready and I think it got me mentally ready for the unknown to come.  I truly look forward to the year and I hope to have the energy to survive.





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