Things I learned from my first day of kindergarten

This is a list of all the things I learned from my first day of teaching kindergarten.

  • 5 year olds do not know the difference between hot and cold lunch.
  • The longest we lasted on an activity was about 8 minutes.
  • They love everything until they are tired.
  • I loved them more and more as the day went on.  We already feel like a family.
  • They all want to learn so much.
  • They surprised me so much with their prior knowledge.
  • Their energy level seemed inhuman at times.
  • I am lucky to have been given this opportunity and I made the right decision.
  • Kids say funny things.

Welcome to a new year!

Am I really doing this?  This is a big transition for me.  I am nervous about all the changes to my regular teaching routine.  Then, I think about the major transition all of my new kindergarten students are making and I say, “If my new 5 years-olds can do this, I can too.”  We are expecting so much out of our students from day one and I should expect nothing less of myself.

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